Welcome to the Savage Tide!

The Savage Tide Adventure Path (or simply Savage Tide) is an Adventure Path in the Dungeons & Dragons adventure series published in Dungeon Magazine. This adventure path takes place in the Corwyn Game Setting. The adventure begins on the southern Continent of Avokhar, in the small coastal city of Sasserine, located just west of the city of Caldera, and surrounded by the dense, untamed Sanjaara Jungle.

This wiki operates under the assumption that visitors are at least familiar with the Savage Tide. This wiki is specifically the outgrowth of our group running the adventure. So the second assumption is that you are either part of our group, or you have an interest in following our adventure. This is great if you are planning on running the game or just want to enjoy the story, but not such a good idea if you are planning to play a character in a Savage Tide campaign. This whole wiki is one big spoiler.

On this wiki, you will find a description of our characters, NPCs who do not appear in the STAP originally, and STAP NPCs that have evolved in the course or our game. There is a Dramatis Personæ page to reference all player characters, as well as NPCs.

Whether you are a player, a spectator, or just wondered in off the street, welcome. Please check out the story and, if you do, please leave a comment in our Forum to let us know you were here and what you thought.

Finally, this will remain a "work in progress," at least until we finish the adventure. As such, if you have any suggestions on what we could add to this site to improve it, please do so at the Forum mentioned above.

Thank you and enjoy!

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