A Father & Son Chat....

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Behind the Game

Viselys approached and knocked softly on the door to his father Viktor's bedchamber within the Taskerhill manor. After a call of admittance, Viselys crossed the room, and said "Well met, Father. How goes it with you? I assume you have heard that I have had an excused leave of my duties at the Cudge lWatch for the personal request to help Lady Lavinia Vanderboren?"

"Viselys, it is good to see you again my son," Viktor responded warmly, "I've heard good things about you, actually. Word around the streets is that you helped bring down the Lotus Dragons. I couldn't be prouder, son. And how have you enjoyed this year's Wyrmfall Festival? It seems more lavish every year. The Taskerhills certainly spared no expense."

"I haven't had a chance to enjoy the festival, I'm hunting for Vanthus Vanderboren." Viselys replied, then recounted to his father the events at Kraken's Cove and the attack on Vanderboren Manor.

"It seems like it has been more festive for sure. Have the Taskerhills been alright? Everything well around here I hope? It seems we crossed the Kellani's who were in league with that den of thieves we routed. They sent some assassins some days back for me. I hope it has not involved you or the Taskerhills?"

Taking a more assertive stance, "Assassins? From the Kellanis? Are you sure, son? Those are some hefty charges to be levying against a noble family. If that's the case, though, I'll speak to Lord Taskerhill about it immediately. The Dawn Council must hear of this treachery and the Kellanis must be punished! We have neither seen nor felt any ill effect, but if they know of your connection here, there may be an attempt to do something. We'll keep an extra eye or two on them."

(after a short pause) "You know, I've always had an ill-feeling about that Heldrath Kellani. They say she used to be a pirate, you know…"

Viselys begins again, "I believe Heldrath Kellani hired these assassins. I have proof and a witness to these accusations father. I even have motive with the den of thieves my fellow protectors of Vanderboren & I brought down. It seems Rowyn Kellani was the "Lady Lotus" leader of the Lotus Dragons. Lavinia agreed to appear at the Dawn Council as our voice and to bring our proof. I wanted to come to you to see if Lord Taskerhill would support her once the accusation have been made. I, too, have heard she used to be a pirate, yes. Father, do you know anything else about her past as a pirate? I have had a clash with the Crimson Fleet recently as I mentioned at Kraken's Cove. I wonder if the Kellani's are involved with them too. I also found these maps in the Lotus Dragon's safehouse (showing him the duplication of the maps with the different colored pins and what he suspect them to mean). I am going to show this to Captain Malchus of the guards. It seems there may be some suspicious activity in these guardhouses but I'm not sure what, yet."

"I'm certain that Lord Taskerhill will gladly back you when all of this condemning evidence is shown to him. Perhaps you would allow me to hold on to these? I will send word of these suspicions to those I trust, and we can root out any remaining Lotus Dragon remnants. After all of this action, maybe you need to settle down for a bit. Will you be returning to your post, or shall we continue to fill in for you if you're going to continue to follow up on these matters?"

Viselys gladly gives him the maps and pat him on the back. "Thank you, Father."

"Well, I am bit at a crossroads here. Lady Vanderboren has a desire to follow her deceased parents work on the Isle of Dread and immediately following the next Dawn Council take a voyage with colonists there to see for herself the work that the Vanderborens started long ago and perhaps pick up where they left off. My new friends are accompanying Lavinia, and I feel deserting her now would be dishonorable. To be honest Father, I feel a bit taken by her. She is respectful, yet knows how to have fun. Charismatic, not to mention beautiful.I would never forgive myself if something happened to her on this voyage after coming to me for help weeks ago. Her villainous brother is still at large and very well could be on his way to the Isle to cause trouble. I feel like I owe her my protection, Father. Besides if I give her an oath of service on this trip like granddad did to the Taskerhills, it will only show my competence to Lord Kalmadar when it comes time for me to take your post. Having a noble house like the Vanderboren's speak positively about me will also help the credibility of the Cudgel District guards as well, which will help with the only major downside I see with this trip. . I will not go however without your blessing," looking at father for some sign of what is to come of his response.

He smiles proudly, "You've always had such a strong sense of honor, my son. If you feel it is your duty to follow through on this journey, I am certain the the captain will make due. Sure, you will be missed, but one can not just abandon his duty. And if this woman is as grand as you say she is, well…all the best to you, Viselys."

"You have taught me about honor, Father." Viselys says with a proud look, "I thank you for that gift."

Viselys paused and down at his feet before contiuing, "I am somewhat reluctant to bother you with this, but I also wanted to let you know of a ludicrous rumor that I have come across." Viselys paused for a moment, then continued, "A man by the name of Adameus, or "Idae" seems to share the Mortaum name. It was scrawled on a board in the Lotus Dragon's hideout. Before his father could say a word, Viselys continued, "This is really quite silly. Idae is one of those I have been fighting these crimes with and he looks nothing like a Mortaum. It must be a mistake. Idae doesn't have a last name and so they placed it with mine. What would those murderers care what name a man carries as long as their throat was slit." Viselys said rambling, he then tried to change the subject, "You know what father? Never mind, Idae is nothing more than a Shadowshore thief. It's Impossible, Ludicrous, an awful attempt to smear my… our name and those of our ancestors." Viselys' tone changed to anger, "For that, I will arrest or bring vengeance on every Kellani in Sasserine, Father. To this I vow as well." Viselys ended his speech with gripped fists.

"You know, son…" Viktor began, then paused, but under his breath, he said to himself, "Now is not the time for him to know."

Viktor shook his head, and made a sharp gesture with his hand, "Indeed. House Kellani will pay for what they've done to us…and to Sasserine."

Viselys turned and saluted his father, "Father, I must take my leave, I am going on the Sea Wyvern in the morning tide. We sail for the Isle of Dread to uncover the mystery of this 'Savage Tide' we have been hearing so much about.

As he walked down the lane, his father called out to Viselys, "We will speak more about Adameus when we meet again, I promise."

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