Behind The Characters: Why Amella Is Pissed

Amella is a ship’s captain. She is no mere woman to be protected and sheltered. She has seen her share of crap, having buried one husband thanks to a treacherous gnome. She is a fighter. In a battle she would be in the thick of it, not on the sidelines huddled in terror. She doesn’t take to people quickly, so when she took to Saris at all it most likely started out as a great romp for both of them. However, over the course of a long voyage, and sharing many nights (and stolen moments) things began to become more meaningful (at least for her).

Then Saris made the biggest mistake he could have made with a woman of Amella’s caliber. He treated her like a woman by telling her to go back to the ship instead of accepting her as an equal to slash through the jungle with the rest of the party.

She sailed on to Farshore, fuming the whole way about how pigheaded and stupid Saris was for underestimating her because that is how she saw it. She arrived at Farshore, and check it out! There is this good looking barkeep, who also happens to have a room to rent. Perfect. Sailor that she is loves the bar. Nothing much else to do when she’s not sailing, right? And that barkeep is pretty talented with his lute. This would be a nice reminder why she doesn’t shack up with men as a general rule. There are so many handsome ones (like fish in the sea), and hasn’t she already been married?

Then dunderhead Saris showed up, acting all jealous and entitled, like he has any real claim. Were any promises made? And what business is it to anyone if she is pregnant? Not like she needs a man, let alone one that doesn’t value her as an equal. Still, she wouldn't be so pissed if it didn’t hurt her feelings as well as her pride. Sure she has about as much pride as Saris, that was one of the things she liked about him. However, it is also one of the things that will ultimately stand between them. Words mean nothing to a woman like Amella, not that Saris offers many. If he really wanted her, he’d DO something. What could he possibly do that might mean something to her? Good question because she doesn’t even know. That would be her pride in the way.

It's a hard bet to call between these two as to which will compromise their pride for the other. Someone has to give first. Not likely to be her as her focus is going to shift from stupid men to being pregnant.

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