Behind The Characters: Why Diamondback Is Angry

Diamondback was hired to kill Viselys and his companions. At the time this was merely a business arrangement, nothing personal except maybe professional pride. After her failed assassination attempt, Viselys offered her the opportunity to turn “state’s evidence” and testify against those who hired her. Following the trial, Viselys went one step farther and offered to take charge of her “reform.”

This opened her eyes to another kind of existence. It is obvious from her freakishly neat apartment that she had been well accustomed to taking care of herself, and for the most part (aside from the failed assassination attempt) she had been quiet successful on her own. Now she has been taken in by the very handsome guardsman who has a strong sense of honor and duty. He made no effort to manipulate, or take advantage of her. He treated her pretty much as a sidekick, even allowing her to offer input. One of the first things he does is to take her along on a shopping trip to help attire Adameus. (Major hardship there for a young woman.)

She saw that Viselys was a gentleman, the likes of which she has never known. He was not faking or putting on a front. He was everything he seems to be, even if he did have room for growth. She saw him as representing the best of a man, and he took HER, the girl that would have killed him, as his responsibility. He allowed her to stand at his back, fight alongside him, and took her on the journey from the town that she had made home. She placed a great deal of trust in him.

Viselys was nice and courteous, but fairly oblivious to her amorous attentions though everyone else saw quite clearly. She made it onto his radar as at least being attractive thanks to Ornrik’s meddling. Adameus further assisted by planting the idea for Diamondback to put together Viselys’ birthday celebration, though this didn’t seem to largely effect Viselys as he still pursued Lavinia.

This brings us to the confession of all that Diamondback had come to realize and to feel for Viselys after his near death under the weight of the Giant Centipede. He choked, and said nothing (at the time). She then put back up the front of the composed, able bodied member of the party that they had come to rely on. Yes, Viselys showed an increased level of care as evidenced by his rather impulsive leap after her tumble down the mountain. Crown or no crown, it was not the smartest thing he could have done. After hearing Saris’ reprimand of this rash behavior, Diamondback couldn't help but catalog it away as evidence that she mattered to Viselys, further building him up in her esteem.

Then she was taken by demons. She was beaten and raped. This was worse than anything that has ever happened to her, even on the streets. What compounded the horror of it was that before Viselys she never would have even hoped to be saved from such a fate. There was never anyone that she could have even imagined to rescue her, but now there was him. Every moment that passed tore at her faith in him, her unquestioning belief that he would come, that he would save her…But he didn’t.

She endured hours of pure Hell. The moment the demon had finished with her, leaving her chained and used, her faith was completely broken. It didn’t matter that Viselys and the others show up to save her after that. The damage was done because he didn’t stop it from happening in the first place.

When she finally saw him she was filled with such rage. Her hatred (because in that moment it was hatred) of Viselys was in direct proportion to how much she had believed in him. He, the most heroic man she had ever known, had failed to live up to the ideal she had built him into.

Now she has to come to terms with the fact that Viselys is just a man, a mere mortal. She will always be a little tougher and weaker because of her ordeal with the demon. She will never again place so much faith and belief in any one person. Viselys will never again be her idolized hero, but he could prove himself to be someone who genuinely cares. After all, he did choose to save her, sacrificing the life of another in the process. Though she may resent the cost of that choice the knowledge sits in the back of her mind mocking her hatred of him. Can she forgive him for not being the hero of her dreams and accept him as the man he is?

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