Behind The Game; The Uncle Ben Talk

Lots of little nuggets to cover here.

First, of course, is the title, a reference to Uncle Ben, who taught Peter Parker, a young Spider-man, and all of us, that with great power comes great responsibility.

Second, the story of the man who stole a loaf of bread is, of course, a co-opt of the background of Victor Hugo's classic, Les misérables. However, the part about the thief dying in prison while trying to escape was lifted from the Claude Lelouch film of the same name.

Finally, as originally written, it was intended that there would be a subtle suggestion that the boy whose mother and uncle had died had been Shefton, but I decided to make that inference an certainty in the editing. There is intentional foreshadowing in Adameus' sad confession that Shefton had been his friend.

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