Behind the Game: A Dwarf Kite

You just HAVE to laugh. First off, the players really did go for the buffs expecting another mummy attack, but nobody thought to check for traps. Yes, having a thief in the party would have been SO helpful (refer back to the title of the chapter).

Now, on the matter of the floating Dwarf … again, I had no idea what the rules were on this. The character had cast "Levitate". It states that "You can mentally direct the recipient to move up or down as much as 20 feet each round; doing so is a move action," but it doesn't say what happens if you are unconscious! There is no reason to believe the spell would be dispelled by the caster going unconscious and, indeed, it REQUIRES conscious to control. Therefore, I just ruled that, in the absence of a conscious command otherwise, he would just float there for the duration of the spell.

This was hysterical to all but the the player of the Dwarf.

Regarding Saris being good with a rope, yeah, a natural 20 will do that for you.

Then there was the matter of climbing versus pulling him down. Again, I had no ideas here, but figured, if he's not going to just fall out of the sky because he passed out, he's not going to be pulled down and, thus, could be climbed to. However, there is a weight restriction. So, based on that, I figured two people pulling on the rope should pull him down like a really strong balloon.

Which makes me wonder, if you cast levitate on a whole bunch of Dwarves, and tie tether them all to a big basket, would you have a hot air balloon?

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