Behind the Game: Although they had no way of knowing...

Every game secession that the PCs were in Fogmire ended conveniently with an “end of the day/stop to rest.” During the intervening week I sent an e-mail to each player containing a detailed description of their characters’ supernatural nightmares. I did this so that each player could then decide how much, if any, of their dream they wanted to share with the others. This group of characters tends to be very private and secretive, so I was not surprised when none of them ever really did. However, on one occasion, one of the players responded to me, AND CARBON COPIED THE OTHER PLAYERS, to explain that he wasn’t going to relay the dream, but express his ‘bad feeling" about the situation. One of the other players pointed out that he had, indeed, just shared the entire dram by forwarding it to everyone. Oops. Player/Character knowledge. No metagaming!

Well, in the week leading up to this game secession, I did the same thing, but this time all the characters were having the same dream. Again, I didn’t let anyone know that – they could discover it for themselves if they compared notes (which also would have verified for them that the dreams were supernatural in nature). However, another player (not the one mentioned above) replied, ADDING all the other players, to say he wouldn’t be able to make it to the next game due to illness. Oops, again!

Therefore, the line that “they had no way of knowing they had all had the same dream the night before” is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the incident. The CHARACTERS had no way to know, but the PLAYERS did!

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