Behind the Game; Glowing Swords

At the risk of introducing a spoiler, the glowing swords are a result of Ornrik's mischievous activities the night before, foreshadowed in the last chapter. While invisible, he cast a variation of Continual Light on the blades in colors appropriate to their owner's crests (You may recall that Adameus gave Viselys a ring with a blue gem back at Sasserine.) This was just the player being silly and in character - and he thought it would be cool; kind of an homage to the Fire Trolls. Well, now as I edit this blog, nearly a year later, my proof-reader has pointed out how well this imagery gels with the recent comment about someone having "a bad feeling about this," - clearly a Star Wars reference. I don't think anyone made a Star Wars connection with the glowing blades before now - including Ornrik's player. However, it is a cool coincidence.

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