Behind the Game: How Much Damage for a Giant Centipede Falling On You?

This is one of those instances that isn't exactly covered in the D&D rules. I can tell you how much damage you take for falling, no problem, but how much for something falling ON you? I sought the input of the folks on the Paizo and [*htt ENWorld] discussion boards, (sorry, can't find the threads now) and got lots of great suggestions, but nothing as definitive as "On page xx of the DMG …" The fact is, this really should have killed Viselys. However, I did not want a PC death to be the result of an ad hoc ruling. Plus, one of the possible options, calculated honestly, put him right at death's door, so I just Rule0ed it and said just that - he's only mostly dead. Anyway, thus, the name of the chapter.

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