Behind the Game: Predator

All the links that lead here are quotes from the movie Predator. The title of the chapter is one of several taglines from the movie.

At one point during the game session, the player of Saris said, at some point, “Man! This is just like the movie Predator.” It was at that moment that I knew I had been successful as a DM. Indeed, at the end of the night, Viselys’ player said it had been my best DMing in the time he’d been in our group (almost three years). The player who had compared the scenario to Predator sent me an e-mail the following day saying, “Very well done, I was surprised, dismayed, confused, frightened, and really at a loss for words. An intelligent, cunning monster (DM) is a truly exciting thing! Can't wait for next Tues!”

What they may not realize is all the talk about this particular part of the game on the Paizo boards and how inspiration has been drawn from Predator there, including many of the suggestions I’ve woven into our game.

So, as you may have noticed, many of the quotes in this entry come from Predator. Oh, and there will be more to come…

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