Behind the Game: The Dream Sequence...

The title of this installment should be obvious, and if it’s not, a quick Google search will turn up a plethora of references to “The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice,” a second season episode of “Moonlighting.” I could go on forever about Moonlighting and it’s influence on me in just about every area of my life, especially my writing. Whenever I think of the use of dreams as a motif in storytelling, I think of that episode.

Of course, Moonlighting, in turn, was paying homage to The Postman Always Rings Twice - the 1946 film noir, not the one with Nicholson and Lang*. This makes the allusion doubly poignant, as there is a mystery to be solved and very classic styles being interwoven. On the other hand, the nature of the mystery is very different from anything that would appear anywhere in a noir film.

The “At Least” portion of the title also has a double intention. First, and most obviously, there are more than two dreams occurring in this segment. There are actually five. Six, if horses dream (I honestly don’t know). Secondly, I asked that all three of the players respond by e-mail with their intents regarding sharing their dreams with the other characters. I knew at the time that I made that request that I was likely to receive only two out of three response (“…twice, at least…”). Although, I must admit, I wasn’t 100% certain which two that would be, while I had my suspicions.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the blog.

*Jack Nicholson once said that the only reason he took the role in Postman was the opportunity to do a steamy scene with Jessica Lang. I have to say I fully understand his reasoning.

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