Behind the Game: The Sea of Heartbreak

This line is a quote from one of our favorite films, Heartbreak Ridge. We often quote this film at the gaming table, but rarely this particular line. Never before has this line been so applicable to the the scenario, so of course it had to be included in the write-up.

In the film, two marine recon companies are competing in a war game. Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Highway's company has been ordered by Major Malcolm A. Powers to prepare an ambush for the the other company with which Powers will be deployed. As Powers' team is marching, in the open, in file, he states, "We come to the ambush site just over the next hill," to which Sergeant Major Choozoo replies, "Sure does help knowing when and where you going to get hit, sir." Of course he's being sarcastic because this "battle simulation" is doing nothing to prepare the boys for actual combat. However, Highway freelances his men and attacks early.

Sorry, I could go on and on about this movie. If you haven't seen it, DO!

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