Behind the Game: Too Little, Too Late

François is a busy guy in real life. He may also be one of the most creative guys in our group in terms of artistic expression - Besides being the only one of us who has ever participated in a LARP (Live Action Role Play game) he has performed in improvisational theater. So François had the willingness and inspiration to contribute some of his creative writing to the blog, but not usually the time. Or, timing, anyway. Since I try to have a complete recap of each game session up before the next one, that’s usually a one-week window.

So, this piece was inspired by the event depicted in Chapter 7 - Never Knew Lonely in which Diamondback confesses her feelings for Viselys. Originally, that was meant to be a dialogue between those two characters, but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to RP it at the table. We’re blokes, and for blokes there’s role playing and there’s Role Playing and whichever one is the uncomfortable one, this would have been it. So, we figured the best way to do it would be by e-mail. Well, busy-busy François didn’t have the time. So, I just played it (and wrote it in the blog) as though Viselys was so taken aback that he was just silent.

“Never Knew Lonely” was seven posts ago. That’s almost two months. François finally got something put together that he wanted his character to say (this post) … right after the game session in which Diamondback was killed (or was she?). I just thought that was so ironic, and so sad. Well, his intent was that I insert it into the game history back while they were on the cliff path, so Viselys would actually have been responding to Diamondback when they were on watch together.

Well, I just couldn’t see doing that now. It just seems to fit so much better as Viselys talking to Diamondback who isn’t there. “I see this now Tara. Now I understand…” Now that it’s too late.

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