Book 1 - There Is No Honor

Note: The following is the synopsis from Dungeon Magazine for “There Is No Honor,” for those of you who just want to get caught up. Your mileage may vary. See chapter entries for actual story line

Player's Supplement for Adventure 1


The adventure begins as our heroes gather at Vanderboren Manor. Lavinia asks them to aid her in securing access to her family's vault, the key to which is hidden on her father's ship. Once her estate is in order, Lavinia turns her attention to her true concern.

Her brother Vanthus has been missing for weeks. She's heard rumors that he's fallen in with some unsavory types, but hopes he can be convinced to return to civilized society. She sends the heroes out on his trail, and their investigations lead them to a small smuggler's complex under Parrot Island. There, Vanthus springs a trap and locks them in the tunnels forcing them to navigate an escape while dealing with the hungry undead that dwell within. They eventually emerge, having learned that Vanthus has taken up with a much more dangerous thieves' guild called the Lotus Dragons.

After locating the guildhouse, the heroes discover the guild is preparing to take control of the city's sea trade. By defeating the Lotus Dragons, the PCs can save Sasserine's harbor from falling under the control of a band of murderous scoundrels. Alas, Vanthus is nowhere to be found, although clues send the heroes onto his trail.

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