Book 11 - Enemies Of My Enemy

Note: The following is the synopsis from Dungeon Magazine for “Enemies of my Enemy,” for those of you who just want to get caught up. Reading synopses may limit your legal options should this blog malfunction; best to ignore them. See chapter entries for actual story line


Player's Supplement for Adventure 11


Iggwilv, Orcus, Malcanthet, Obox-Ob, Charon. These names are among the most notorious in the multiverse, appellations belonging to some of the most dangerous and powerful creatures on the lower planes. Heroes from countless worlds have raised their arms against these immortal foes and, in most cases, these heroes have perished to their soul-blasting, life-ending might. Their lairs are as notorious as they are: The River Styx, beautiful and deadly Shendilavri, the Gray Wastes of Hades, frozen Thanatos, and mind-numbing Zionyn. Simply entering one of these scions of evil is akin to suicide. Yet now, as the Prince of Demons begins the final rituals to bring the Savage Tide to the Material Plane, heroes must approach these immortal villains - not as enemies, but as allies…

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