Book 6 - The Lightless Depths

Note: The following is the synopsis from Dungeon Magazine for “The Lightless Depths,” for those of you who just want to get caught up. Do not read this summary if you have a history of IBS. Consult your doctor before reading synopses if you are taking MAOIs. See chapter entries for actual story line

Player's Supplement for Adventure 6


Deep beneath the Isle of Dread, in a place forgotten by the world of light, an ancient, unfathomable evil festers. Within the desiccated ruin known as Golismorga, the debased kopru servants of Demogorgon work foul rites, steeping immature shadow pearls in pits of liquid insanity. None from the world above have yet fathomed what terrors lurk beneath the Isle of Dread, nor what mad schemes roils to profane life deep within the city's gangrenous corpse.

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