Book 8 - Serpents Of Scuttlecove

Note: The following is the synopsis from Dungeon Magazine for “Serpents of Scuttelcove,” for those of you who just want to get caught up. Synopses in mirror may be closer than they appear. See chapter entries for actual story line


Player's Supplement for Adventure 8


The vile city of Scuttlecove is the home of murderers, thieves, demon worshipers, peddlers of vice, and monsters. Here, anyone can find a place to hide, provided they can survive the terrors and dangers that infest the city streets. Scuttlecove is also the home port of the Crimson Fleet, a notorious band of pirates who have long held the Wyn Myr Ocean as their private looting grounds. The time has come to take the fight to these legendary pirates, to confront them in their own depraved lair.

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