Book 9 - Into The Maw

Note: The following is the synopsis from Dungeon Magazine for “Into the Maw” for those of you who just want to get caught up. Do not use cellular phones or other electronic devices, and no smoking while reading synopses. See chapter entries for actual story line


Player's Supplement for Adventure 9


Few planes possess the raw malevolence of the Infinite Layers of the Abyss. It is a place of random violence, appalling cruelty, and pure, unadulterated wickedness.
Here, unreasoning malice rules, and countless demons torture and murder for the joy of it. The Abyss is innovative in its wickedness, with each fleeting moment birthing new and awful psychotic acts of utter evil. Those who brave its depths find no relief from its corrosive nature, nor respite from the cancerous seeds of evil blooming within all who tarry here; they find only anguish, pain, and if they're lucky, sudden, abrupt death.

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