Champion District
Champion’s District Locations
1: Six Swords Tavern (tavern)
2: Rumblegut’s (tavern/inn)
3: Sasserine Sendings (messenger service)
4: Lorchester Manor (district representative)
5: Zelkarune’s Hall (museum and adjunct to Arena)
6: Redwall Stable
7: Sasserine Arena
8: The Trophy Hunter (curio shop)
9: Moneylender’s Guildhall
10: Gladiator’s Best (fine weapons)
11: Toregson Manor (minor noble)
12: The Tipsy Troglodyte (tavern)
13: Three Dwarves Digging (tavern/gaming hall)
14: Champion’s Corner Stable
15: Aunt Kylie’s (brothel)
16: Lanternlighter’s Guildhall
17: Champion’s Garrison
18: Museum of Mayhem (museum of Arena battles)
19: Shrine of S'Thar (goddess of Luck/Chance)
20: House of Etahr (God of Strength)
21: Shrine of Karmalok (God of Nature)
22: Fendal’s Pets (exotic pets and guard beasts)
23: Liomar’s Links (fine chainmail products)
24: Vildivar’s (bows, arrows, ranged weapons)
25: Bee in the Bottle (potions)
26: Kord’s Quencher (tavern)
27: The Catapulter (tavern/gaming hall)
28: Champion’s Lighthouse
29: The Hidden Vortex (fortune teller)
30: Snaver’s Kennel (animal trainer)
31: Spells for Swords (magic shop)
32: Kord’s Market (general goods,weapons, armor, metalwork)
33: Scarlet Embassy
34: Shrine of Kelanen (god of swords)
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