Chapter 1 - Chaos at Kraken's Cove

Standing on the beach, hearing the cacophony, the foursome shuddered a bit, but marched forward nonetheless. Sneaking in to the left, they were disgusted to see more of the mutated pirates … one of them looked to be wielding a big meat cleaver and was hacking away at a freshly killed body. Other mutated pirates look on, anxious to feast away. Disgusted at the gruesome sight, the group coordinated an attack and made quick work of the horrific foes.


Continuing through the twisting corridors of the cavern, Idae was surprised as a voice called out from above, "Come to me, precious meat," and a small, furry humanoid figure (a mutated phanaton, they would realize months later) glided down from the ceiling and sliced at him. The group surrounded the mutated beast and slew it, causing it to bite out at Idae before turning to a puddle of acid, leaving behind some fine jewelry, a nice (but small) blade, and some curiously big shoes.

Moving forward into a large room, the group observed finely crafted batches of purple silk strung about the room to dry. What the group did not see, however, was a savage, mutated dinosaur lurking in the shadows. As Viselys lifted the silk to peer further into the room, the beast lunges out and pounced upon him.


Viselys was so badly wounded by the brutal attack that he fell unconscious, spurring the group to quickly jump into action. After a long, arduous battle, the group managed to slay the beast, and Idae restored Viselys to consciousness with a healing potion.


After Ornrik healed up the party a bit more, they began to press on towards the source of the growing noise. Passing up a door that was apparently barricaded from the inside, the group found a room full of cages. Inside several of the cages were more mutated pirates. Some of them were feasting upon the flesh of their prisoner roommates, while other simply threw themselves against the bars repeatedly in an attempt to break free. A few were on the loose, however, requiring the foursome to quickly dispatch them. Idae and Shefton moved around the other side and encounter some chained, mutated krenshars, which peeled their skin back from their hound-like faces and emitted a fierce shriek, which sent Shefton running for the beach. Fortunately, due to their chains, they could not leave the room and could be slain without much danger.

Meanwhile, Viselys kicked through a barricade into a room that had a very musty smell. Growing along the walls and in various jars about the room were mushrooms and fungus of many different varieties. Up against the far wall was a desk under which there appeared to be the body of a small person, his feet sticking out from underneath.

Sniffing the air, Viselys thought to himself, "Eww…this place smells, and is probably poisonous. Well, at least the noise has died down a bit."

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