Chapter 14 - Too Little, Too Late

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“Tara, now that we are on watch here with relative privacy, I thought we could continue the talk we started back in the tunnels. Besides, the stars in the sky make for a better backdrop than a dusty echoic cavern, especially with what I must say.

“You caught me by surprise that day, professing your love for me. I must admit I never interpreted your attention beyond the respect and fondness of someone giving you another chance at a better life. Shhh… Let me say a few things now, Tara.

“(a deep breath) I know I can be a wool-headed lummox sometimes when it comes to emotions, especially those relating to me. I am a civil watchman of one of the best neighborhoods of Sasserine, looking for clues and solving crimes and yet these feelings you have for me … all the clues were there … right under my nose, and I didn’t see them for … what? Weeks? Months?

“The thing is, Tara, I have been looking after Lavinia's affairs. I have been trying to keep her operation going. It was my charge to get us to Farshore alive. It was my personal mission to serve her in this time. Now I’ve been relieved from my post. This is my reputation. As the one in charge of the Sea Wyvern's crew and voyage, it was bound to bring Lavinia and I together when we docked at our stops.

"Look, I know I am rambling here, Tara, but what…what I am trying to say is that I do care for Lavinia as you mentioned. Wait… wait… I know you may not want to hear about my feelings for Lavinia right now but stay with me. I'm getting to a point, really.

“I'm not very good at this, speaking intimately to women and all but…. ummm….ahhhh…, I have been thinking that I was an idiot for giving Adameus my trinket to find Lavinia that day we found the Blue Nixie wreck. I commissioned it to be made in case we were separated, just like we are, so I could be there, you know, for anyone in need. I made it specifically for Lavinia though. To rescue her - to be the hero in the right place at the right time. Now Adameus could be the hero I intended to be. He could be winning her heart. I offered that trinket to him with my blessing. I offered it for the express purpose of rescuing her or accompanying her to safety wherever she was. Why? Why would I do this in that moment of indecisiveness?

“I have though a lot about why I did this, in the night while on watch or while traveling the roads, and I could never find the answer. I just became more and more frustrated and flustered, thinking myself a giant fool. He's with her singing and gallivanting and who knows what else while I am here with a group of sniveling, whiners braking every time speed is in order; every time the road is tough or the hours get late. Er… well… you know… present company excluded, Tara.

“I see you are getting impatient but just a minute longer. I want you to understand my position just in case you are a wool-headed lummox too. Oh dear… uh … I didn't mean it like that, Tara, it's just that I want your decisions to be with all the information, just in case you overlook something like I have.

“You see, I feel like I am failing Lavinia, House Vanderboren, my father, Lord Taskerhill, and the entire Cudgel District guard by being here and lolling about wasting precious hours, sleeping a full night, spending hours cooking crab meat while we have hardtack and strength to move on.

“Now I understand. I finally got it Tara. It was your confession and your courage to tell me that made me see. While I do love Lavinia with the part of me that comes from Sasserine and dealing with the civilized life and court, I love the adventures of the road and duty to protecting the weak also. You Tara, have a strength to accompany me in those travels that a highborn lady wouldn't. I guess, what I am saying is that I want to see the world with you, Tara. To see the world together and experience the warmth of Shua, Praxis, Enom, and Berevrom looking down on us with their grace and approval for our influence in the world in their names.

“That frustration regarding why I let Adameus go to Lavinia is because my actions were being guided by my heart and I was thinking with my head. I adore you Tara. I stayed for this reason, even if I didn't know it at the time. I’ve wanted to hurry out of duty to Lavinia but I wanted to stay with you. I see this now Tara. Now I understand…”

“Huh? Whatsat?” Saris said, sitting up from his bunk and craning his neck to see Viselys, “Who you talkin’ to, Viselys? Is it time for my watch?”

“Nobody. Now, go back to sleep, Saris.”

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