Chapter 16 - The Aftermath

Everyone was devastated by the loss of a friend, but more sorrow awaited when they emerged from the ziggurat. The kopru city lay in ruins, their bodies strewn about, some were still squirming. It didn't take long to find Bob, the huge purple worm. The giant, lifeless carcass lay in the center of town. Clenched in it's maw was a trident that had been wielded by the kopru behemoths. It was a long, reaching weapon, as melee weapons go, but in the worm's maw, it looked like a toothpick. The only reason the trident was even noteworthy was, when they discovered words scratched into the ground near Bob, they knew he had used the trident to leave a message. That message was simple and read, "Thank you friends"

Liamae stifled tears.

"This kinda sucks," Saris commented.

Viselys made a very subtle nod of agreement - barely perceptible. Then, with grim resolve, he declared, "We need a healer. Ken-ji was able to save the Jade Ravens and …" his voice faulted, "… and L-Lavinia." He paused to take a breath before continuing, "Yet we couldn't do the same for him."

"Well, what are we going to do in the mean time?" Saris asked.

Duxsil spoke up, "I can keep us safe while we rest - for as long as you need."

Viselys nodded, "Then, we go find Tlaloc's Tear. I want to make sure that we eliminate any guardian so that when the Olman warriors come to destroy it, they don't have any surprises waiting for them."

"Why don't we just destroy it ourselves," Saris asked.

Shaking his head, Viselys replied, "It's an Olman matter; we should leave it to them to take care of."

They did spend a couple days within the magical secure shelter that Duxsil fabricated. He also made a jaunt to Sasserine to obtain supplies. Then, when they were ready, they went to the crater that contained Tlaloc's Tear.

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