Chapter 2 - A Dream Of Harliss

Viselys had just passed what looked like a bedroom and turned the corner into a cavern. There, backed against the stone wall was a beautiful, swashbuckling character, holding back a crowd of vile, savage pirates. Her eyes looked up and caught Viselys’ with a calm look that seemed to say she’d been expecting him. She sheathed her sword and, with a swipe of her hand, the ghastly beasts disappeared like so much smoke. She crossed the cavern to Viselys and said, “Good, I’m glad this message got through. I tried first to reach your roguish friend, but it didn’t work for some reason. I figured you were the next best option. I know you’ll have a lot of questions, but unfortunately, this is one-way communication. Yes, it’s a dream, but it’s a real message from me, too. Just … listen. I’ll start at the beginning; from when we last saw each other…

“After leaving Kraken's Cove, I was filled with rage at the Crimson Fleet. They had not fully divulged to me the dangers of transporting shadow pearls, and I blamed them for the death of my crew and friends at Kraken's Cove. As I traveled on foot along the coast away from Sasserine, the need for revenge against the Crimson Fleet grew into an obsession. Eventually, I came to the secluded beach that Vanthus Vanderboren had apparently used. He left behind several skiffs, which I claimed. I eventually made my way to a Kendari Outpost and managed to talk my way onto a large ship headed for civilization. Yet my true goal remained Scuttlecove - after witnessing what one shadow pearl was capable of, and knowing that the Crimson Fleet had more of them, I was curious to find out what they were up to.

“It took several months, but eventually I arrived in the depraved city. I began investigating the Crimson Fleet, and after several close calls with Dire Hunger monks and bar-lgura press gangs, I attracted the attention of a group of rebels who call themselves the Protectorate. With the Protectorate's support, I learned much about the fleet, and came close to discovering the location of their secret hideout. While spying on a band of Crimson Fleet pirates on a ship visiting Scuttlecove, I overheard the news that Vanthus Vanderboren had returned from the dead and brought his captured sister to the base. I was shocked; I thought I’d seen the last of the Vanderborens.

“Of course, that reminded me of our time back at Kraken's Cove. I figured, if you were still allied with Lavinia, perhaps you would assist me in realizing my revenge. My decision to contact you sent me in search of someone capable of such magic. My contacts at the Protectorate couldn't help directly, but they did point her to one of their more sinister allies, a half-fiend nymph named Tyralandi. With her aid and the use of a scroll of dream, I am able to get this message to you now.

“ I promise you my aid and the aid of the Protectorate in rescuing Lavinia, as long as I’ll be able to help lay the Crimson Fleet low as part of the process. If you have a. ship, I recommend leaving it in any one of the many secluded harbors on one of the nearby island so that it can serve as a safe place to stage your infiltration. Alternately, if you're feeling deceptive – which I’d wager isn’t exactly your style - you could pose as Crimson Fleet pirates come to the city to unload cargo.

“Meet me at a place in Scuttlecove called ‘Red Foam Whaling’ …”

The dream faded away and Viselys awoke, “Um, guys, I think you need to hear this…”

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