Chapter 20 - Into The Ocean, But No Goodbye

Viselys knew that, with The Glutton out of the picture, he had to recover Lavinia's treasure that they had 'given in tribute.' Using the Cloak of the Manta Ray, he dove into the water and bean searching for the cave or underwater grotto or whatever passed for The Glutton's lair. When he finally found it, it wasn't just Lavinia's items he found, but years worth of sunken ships' treasures. It was many trips back up to the ship, even when Urol took the form of a squid to assist, but it was an effort well worth it.

Meanwhile, Duxsil came up with a plan, involving clever applications of magic, to transport the humongous corpse of the giant dragon turtle back to Farshore. They all knew it would have a much greater impact than just telling everyone that The Glutton was dead. Sure, it was bragging, but it reminded everyone who the heroes were, what they were capable of, and perhaps made them feel a little bit safer.

With the treasure collected and the carcass in tow, they continued the several days sea voyage back to Farshore.

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