Chapter 3 - Idae and Viselys Have a Little Chat

(The following conversation took place o-nboard the Blue Nixie at some point on the voyage back to Sasserine from Kracken's Cove)

Idae: Oi, mate. You don’ look so good. What happen’ to ye?

Viselys: Well, Idae, I tried to reason with Capt. Javell to turn away from her criminal ways and come with me to Sasserine. She didn't like how the conversation was going and when I asked her to stay a bit longer she used force like any evil lawless criminal would. I noticed all the others were lending a hand. Where were you off to in such a hurry?

Idae: We are on a mission. Lavinia has hired us – paid us fair, mind ye. Now, as long as she’s our ‘mployer, that’s where our focus should be. Once I knew she be in danger, I saw no sense in stickin’ ‘round.

Viselys: Yes, I know Lavinia is in danger now and we must hurry back. It is maybe a good thing you weren't around when Capt. Javell escaped. I am sure our paths will cross again and she may still see you as an ally the next time we meet that villain.

Idae: So, did ye learn anything?

Viselys: Well I feel quite stupid for rushing up to her and healing her, just because of a pretty face I tell you. Thinking she was a maiden in distress, hah! I should have known better just looking at her clothing.

Idae: Aye, that’s a good lesson. Me thinks, how’ver, that ye missed a more important, far more fundamental one. Ye see, for you, it’s all ‘bout extremes. It’s either yea or nay, never mayhap. Even to call ‘er a “villain.” What do ye really know ‘bout ‘er? Not enough, clearly.

Viselys: Idae, I was merely talking to her when she stuck me. She will not always be in a position where her prowess of arms is the be all and ruler of her fate. She won today though.

Idae: Now, see, were I to be jumpin’ to conclusions like ye’self, I’d jes take yer account of the thing fer true. See’n as how I weren’t there to see it proper, though, I’ll be inclined to suspect that a more objective view mightn’t ‘ave see it quite the same.

Idae (cont’d): First, ye went and picked a scrap ye weren’t prepared fer. Ye know she’s a pirate and she’s wanted by the Harman …er… constabulary … back in Sasserine. Do ye know why? No, no, I know she’s a ‘reader merchant,’ but I mean ‘sides that. Is she a crasher? >Huff< I mean a killer? Really? She didn’t kill ye now, did she? Why d’ye think that is? Gratitude? Me thinks she mayhap jesta been fine on ‘er own. I sawr ‘er take down three with one swipe, I did. Naw, she could’a used ye up just as easy as blink. But, I’m guessin’ – ‘n I don’t know for honest, mind ye – but I guess she’s not the type what goes out of ‘er way to hush someone what ain’t askin’ for it. I don’ know. Mayhap she IS a wretch, worse than the Devil himself! But mayhap, just mayhap, she’s a cull mort. There are honest thieves, believe it or nay. Mayhap she’s a provendor – a victim of society. Mayhap her hubby was run thought by some cur an’ mayhap she’s got some beef with the shipping corp’rations in the area. The point is, ye just never know what someone’s story is or why they done wha’ they done.

Viselys: Yet Idae, before you go sympathizing with that pirate keep in mind why we are rushing back to Sasserine - to save our employer - and from whom we are saving her - Javell's own man. And I would ask you if she succeeds in killing all the Vanderbornes, is that what it takes to finally wage a war on the Crimson Beard and call her ‘enemy’?

Idae: Aye! Me point exact! She, ‘erself, said she made a mistake. She done what she can to make it right. But, aye, if Lavinia [sudden realization flashes over Idae’s face] or Kora! If Lavinia or Kora are harmed, then, aye. But only after, nay before.

Viselys: Think how many innocents she has killed already, and for what? Loot?' Yes she didn't kill me but it was more likely she realized she was outnumbered and shaken as it was her mercy for me.

Idae: Is that fact? Do ye know it true? Or is this just what ye assume is true of all privateers? Incidentally, she say she’d not be returnin’ to Sasserine? Is that because the guard has no jurisdiction out here? I don’t know. You know the law better than I do.

Viselys: Well, under Sasserine law, no, the guard has no jurisdiction outside of the city. But there is a higher jurisdiction – to justice. Incidentally, I’d been meaning to inquire on this uncommon dialect you used with Javell.

Idae: Oh, aye, the Cant. “The language of misery.” It’s a turn of tongue ye learn on the streets. Every dommerer, upright man, and ding boy know it. Oh, aye. ‘Low me to translate: dommerer – beggar, upright man – thief, ding boy – mugger. It’s our tongue. It let’s us know who’s a bird-of-a-feather, and who’s … well … you.”

Viselys: I do not know why Lady Vanderborne has included you on this mission, Idae. You have done well though and I hope it is those skills she sought and not some absurd notion of us being brothers. I would be very careful on how you use those skills and that street talk of yours. Evil ways are easy to turn to but good will always prevail. Remember that Idae.

Idae: [in a near perfect upper-Common accent] “Of all the truths in the world, if you choose only one and follow it exclusively, the truth becomes a lie, and you a fanatic.”

Idae: [returning to his usual vernacular] ‘En as for the sweet lady, I’ll say only this: We ‘ave more in common than ye might think, she an’ I. She, unlike some, can look beyond appearances. Viselys, I’ve learned a great deal about survival grow’n’ up on the streets and one thing I learned early an’ live by as creed is this: Never assume. Assumptions often make you look foolish, but some assumptions can be deadly.

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