Chapter 3 - The Wreck Of The Gallivant

After maneuvering the Sea Wyvern over closer to the location of the the final resting place of the Gallivant the group set about deciding who would go down.

Liamae glanced over the railing, and said thoughtfully, "I'm not much good in water, unless it's a hot tub."

A few of the men gave her an odd look, with Avner looking particularly interested in that tidbit of information. His presence as member of the crew was something of a mixed fortune. His skill on the ballistae had prompted Saris to acknowledge his value though it galled Viselys to agree. When Saris had gone to the Meravanchi Manor to broach the issue and offer Avner a place among the crew the arrogant man had scoffed until his uncle Mathalay, having had quite enough of Avner's attitude, put him in his place. After which, Avner had graciously decided that perhaps it was a good idea to accept the position and make himself useful.

After assessing skills and equipment it was finally decided that the ones best suited for the operation would be Saris in the Cloak of the Manta Ray and Duxsil who cast water breathing and invisibility upon himself. As the two swam down into the depths they saw some shadows seemingly floating around the ship and realized that the wreck had become the swimming grounds for a few sharks. One began to approach, targeting Saris (wouldn't it just figure that manta ray is a shark's favorite meal). With Duxsil hanging on tightly, Saris in manta ray form quickly located a hole in the hull of the ship for them to hide in. The hole was in the bottom of the Gallivant, unfortunately, there were collapsed sections preventing further entry or an alternate escape.

With the sharks circling outside, and no way to get through the ship, the men were left with no choice but to fight the sharks. Duxsil summoned a great white shark to attack. This not only got the attention of the circling tiger sharks, but had the unintended side effect of drawing in more. Blood in the water sparked a shark frenzy with the arrival of 2 larger sharks.

The guys tried to take advantage of the sharks being busy to open a hatch. Sharks moved in to attack the great white then a few veered off after Saris. Duxsil's invisibility proved no protection against the sea dwelling predators who rely more heavily on smell. With the use of his arms, and more importantly his rapier, while still in manta form, Saris pulled a move he would later claim as the Egg Scramble and killed one of the sharks, while wounding another. One of the sharks in a blind frenzy began to eat the dead shark. Duxsil managed to shock touch, and kill another shark.

They quickly got the hatch open, undeterred from their salvage mission, and found a scroll, a barrel of nothing and another of ruin, and a chest. Saris took the scroll, and noticed something big was coming drawn by the blood. He signaled Duxsil to grab one end of the trunk, and together they managed to pull away, escaping before anything else could take a bite out of them.

Meanwhile back aboard the Sea Wyvern as they waited for Duxsil and Saris to return Liamae noticed the obviously pregnant Amella looking uneasy. She walked over to check on the other woman while the others busied themselves in other areas of the ship.

"How are you feeling?" Liamae asked out of concern for the the pregnant woman's condition.

"I'm so anxious right now I feel like one of those sniveling helpless women who wait on the shore while the men go off and leave them waiting," Amella blurted out. "The man I practically love is down in the depths courting Davy Jones for all I know, and here I am with a belly full of baby and no clue how to be a mother. I'm the ship's captain, blast it! I can't be having my mind muddled with all this female drama insanity."

Liamae chose to simply listen rather than stop Amella's moment of unguarded disclosure, though her intention had only been to see if Amella was feeling physically well. Amella went silent after her outburst, and the two women stood watching the sunlight dance off the sea's surface.

"Liamae, I know you'll be going with them to places that I cannot. Please, use your skills to do best by…the men."

Liamae could see that Amella was trying to regain her composure, but at the same time knew that by the men Amella had actually been referring to one man in particular. "I will, of course, do what is within my power to do, however, I can make no promise beyond that. It is always more in the hands of S'Thar, than mine."

"Yeah, I get that," Amella grudgingly accepted.

Just then the men broke the surface and Amella began barking orders to help them back on board.

"Everything alright?" Viselys asked after the two men and the chest were on board.

"Oh, sure. We were almost shark food, but we managed to get this chest and scroll," Saris said as he produced the wet scroll, which turned out to be a map of a portion of the Isles of Dread, though not their current location.

"I could use some healing," Duxsil groaned and winced as he poked at his side.

"I'll see to it," Liamae said as she began to examine the wound. As she healed Duxsil the others opened the chest. Inside they found a silver and amethyst necklace (1300gp), a bracelet (700 gp), 1000 silver pieces, and a sapphire necklace (6000gp).

With a grin at their success, Saris snatched the sapphire necklace and headed over to Amella. "You are an admirable captain. I think it's only right that you get a bonus," he said as he placed it upon her neck. Amella smiled shrewdly, all anxiety gone. And with that the ship headed towards the cove in the direction that Emraag had told them of to find the infected troglodytes and possible shadow pearls.

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