Chapter 3 - What exactly is an "Eos" and why would I want one?

Between the battle and the cleanup afterwards, everyone who was not already sleeping somewhere was looking drained. That is, with the sole exception of Viselys. His eyes were wide and his words came quickly, “Saris, get up and pull yourself together, man. Lives are at stake!” He then quickly restated the circumstance for the newcomers. “This key is magical. That tells me that whatever lock it opens … it will require magic to open as well as the physical object. Ornrik,” he looked at the dwarf very intently and, holding the key out to him, he enunciated his words to make their importance clear, “Can this key be duplicated?”

Ornrik did not want to give his friend false hope. “We do have an adamantine crowbar, and though it is difficult to work with, a duplicate key can be fashioned. But, Viselys, I cannot duplicate magic cast on this key. The power level alone of the magic is too great.”

Viselys nodded to show he understood, “Nonetheless, take the key and the crowbar to the smith, and start the process immediately. Like the wind; we have no time to spare!” The dwarf was dashing for the door even as Viselys was addressing Saris, “I want you and Zan to find Tolin. I could really use his help.”

Zan, who had been tying one on with Saris, “Wait, what? Who, me? Why? What’s in it for me?”

Viselys spoke before he really thought about the answer, “Lives are at stake! Don’t you want to help?”

Taking a quick swallow of what remained of his drink, Zan put the glass down inverted and said, “Nope. Not really. Don’t care anymore. This whole stupid island can burn, for all I care. I should have never come here. I just want to get back to Sasserine. Can you make that happen?”

Now Viselys saw where the rogue was going. “Actually, yes I can. Not now, not today or tomorrow, but very soon we need to open a trade route with Sasserine and I'll be sending at least two ships. I can make sure you are on one of them, if I am feeling positively disposed to doing so.” Viselys could be shrewd, too.

Pushing the empty glass away from himself, Zan staggered towards Saris, “Allons-y!” he said.

“You know where Tolin is?” Saris slurred.

“Indoodie I dee,” Zan smiled and led the way in a zigzag path.

Viselys took a deep breath, straightening the table the two had been sitting at and pushed in the chairs. Glancing up at Malfus, the barkeep, then down at the empty glasses, he pulled out a few gold coins, “Sorry about the mess.” Then he headed out in search of Ornrik and the blacksmith.

* * * * *

“Are you sure we’re gong the right way?” Saris asked in a whiny voice.

Zan looked at him sideways, “Are you kidding me? I have an excellent sense of direction. I know precisely where Tolin is and he’s…” Zan stopped and looked around, furrowing his brow, “… back this way,” and they turned and went back the way they had come.

When they arrived at the town’s militia barracks, Zan explained, “After we arrived here, Tolin took up with the town guard. He’s got his reasons that he tells people, but I think he’s trying to impress Miss Vander-high-and-mighty. He thinks if he can be a town guard like Captain Righteous, she’ll fall for him or something.” Then he turned and knocked on the door, a bit longer and louder than was strictly necessary. As such, when Ulvar Kabbanja, the captain of the Farshore guard responded, he did not appear happy.

“Yes? Can I help you?” the tall, very muscular dark-skinned man asked in a deep, booming voice with a slight Vilzari accent.

Saris saw that Zan was in no condition to handle this situation, so he stepped forward and said “Yes, there’s been a kidnapping. Well, two kidnappings. Well, their was only one kidnapping, but it was two people. I mean, no kids, but a-damn-eos and a diamondback.”

Kabbanja, ordinarily a very straight man who betrayed little emotion, looked astonished, “You are telling me that someone stole a snake? And why are you cursing an obscure goddess of the dawn?”

Saris just shook his head, “No, never mind. Let me talk to Tolin. He’ll understand.”

Kabbanja just shook his head and walked away. After a short while, Tolin arrived and quickly assessed the circumstance, “What do you two want?” He could smell the reek of alcohol and had to backup for fear of a contact high. “Oh, you two are drunk!”

“Yes,” Saris said, “but that’s beside the point. Tolin, we need your help because there was this girl who had a pet lizard, and then said she was somebody else, and she wasn't who we thought she was, so we slit her throat and threw her overboard, then she came back, but we didn't know who she was because she had this thing in her hair, and she was dead, and then she tricked us again and kidnapped two of our friends and now they’re in two different places and we can only get one of them, so the other one will probably die, and so we could really use your help….”

Tolin just stood staring, dumbfounded by this bizarre interruption of his sleep. He was also slightly amazed that all of that had been said in one breath. Soon he found his voice and said, “Um, yeah. I think the only thing you two need is a good night’s sleep followed by your favorite hang-over remedy.”

“But she’s gonna kill them!” Sarris slurred.

“Good!” Tolin said. “Then maybe you’ll shut up and leave me alone. Go sleep it off! Don’t make me lock you up for drunk and disorderly.” With that he closed the door, leaving them standing there.

“Now what?” Zan asked.

Saris shook his head, “Back to the bar?”

Zan nodded, “Smartest thing I’ve heard all night. Next round is on me.”

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