Chapter 4 - Wow, that IS unusually urgent!

A loud thump at the door awoke Thengar, the blacksmith, from his sleep. Pulling on some decent clothing, he headed to the door to find the source of this late-night rousing. "This had better be an unusually urgent need," he muttered under his breath as as clambered about his home.

"Hurry! Open up! I have an unusually urgent need!" Ornrik was pacing back and forth in front of the door…holding the adamantine crowbar in one hand while thumping it in the palm of his other hand.

Thengar paused for a moment, then proceeded to the door. He opened the door a crack, rubbed his eyes, and called out to the late-night guest, "What in the name of Korghan is going on?"

"Good sir, I am coming to you in great need. Please, if you will let me in I will tell you a most troubling tale, and you may be able to lend great aid!" Ornrik was hoping to appeal to the blacksmith's sense of honor and duty. As he made his way inside, he began to recap the story of the trap that had ensnared two of his companions. The story was quite involved and took much time.

"…So you see, we're really in quite a jam and we're hoping that you could help us by forging an additional key from the adamintine of this crowbar," Ornick pleaded.

Just then, more knocking was heard at the front door. "Help! I have an unusually urgent need!" The call came in from beyond the front door. Ornrik and Thengar looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders, and Thengar headed to see who was knocking.

"That sounded an awful lot like Viselys," Ornrik thought to himself.

Upon opening the front door, Thengar's ears began to take in the pleading of Viselys as he tried to rush through the story.

"Let me guess…then you received a note and the warning about high tide and 'You can't save them both'?" Thengar was enjoying this a bit too much, perhaps.

"Well…yes, but how did you…oh." Viselys nodded as Ornik poked his head around the corner.

"We've already been over it, my boy," Ornrik spoke assertively.

"I'll tell you what I can do," Thengar began his negotiation. "Adamantine isn't the easiest metal with which to work, and I can't do anything about the magic that seems to eminate from that key, but I can make you something that duplicates the shape and density of that key you've got there." He glanced back and forth between Ornrik and Viselys. "It ain't gonna be cheap, though."

"No worries, sir," Viselys assured Thengar that they would be able to pay. "Time is of the essence, though. If you could please begin the process, we'll gladly pay you a generous fare for your service."

"Generous, eh?" Thengar smirked. "I do like the sound of that. Let me get my gear and I'll get started right away." The blacksmith disappeared from the room, leaving Ornrik and Viselys alone.

"Do you really think this will work, lad?" Ornrik asked hopefully.

"It has to." Viselys wasn't even sure if he believed his own words.

Thengar emerged back into the room, quicker than one would have even thought possible, "Alright. Well, let's get started!" He grabbed the crowbar from Ornrik and walked heavily out the front door. Looking back at the two visitors, Thengar impressed upon them, "I'll do my best, but I make no guarantees."

Viselys and Ornrik didn't have to say a word, but their silent nods conveyed their meaning perfectly.

"I'll deliver the key to you at the…The Last Coconut, then?" Thengar inquired of them.

Viselys considered the idea. "Yes, we'll gather there with the others to formulate the plan, Thengar. Oh…and Thengar?"

"Yes?" Thengar's eyes widened at what might follow.

"Thank you." Viselys said the words and Ornrik's face conveyed the same thought.

They parted ways, Thengar to his smithy and Viselys and Ornrik to The Last Coconut.

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