Chapter 5 - I don't think that's what Whitman had in mind...

"So you see…THAT'S why I should be captain!" Saris was speaking loudly to…well, no one in particular. The Last Coconut was doing a fair amount of business and Saris had done more than his part to keep the bartender busy.

"Sure, sure," Malfus called out, "I believe you. And as the 'should be captain' you really ought to have yourself another drink!"

"You know what…you're right! Another Phoenix Down for me and my mate here!" Saris looked over to Zan, whose head had been thrown back over the chair…mouth agape. "Well, maybe it's two for me then!"

Malfus nodded. "And you're sure that Tolin's ok with picking up the tab for all of this?"

"Who? Oh, right…" Saris's memory was a little foggy, but Zan's plan of pinning the bill on Tolin seemed to be working.

"Ok, so I'll go get Tolin and the Jade Ravens. You find Cedric, Malcolm, and Amella. We'll meet at The Last Coconut," Viselys's head was reeling under the sense of urgency, yet was able to keep things in order.

"Got it." Ornrik was quick to agree.

Moments later, in a miraculous case of impeccable timing, the whole group arrived together at The Last Coconut at the same time.

Viselys quickly took charge. "So we'll need to split up into two groups. I know that the note said we wouldn't be able to save them both, but I believe that we've devised a way to rescue them!" Viselys's voice grew louder as time when on. "We will send the copied key with a group of those blessed with abilities of the arcane and divine nature. They will go and rescue Adameus. Amella, you will be needed to captain their ship."

Amella shifted uncomfortably in her seat before nodding in agreement.

"The rest of us will take the original key and go for Diamondback. Saris, we'll need your skills behind the ship's wheel in our boat."

"See! I told you all!" Saris proudly shouted as he turned clumsily around in his seat. Malfus simply smiled to himself as he mixed another Phoenix Down for "the captain."

"Told you all wha…oh, nevermind." Viselys was too focused on the task at hand to be worried about Saris's current delusion.

"So, now what?" Tolin asked with a sense of urgency.

"Well, without the keys," Viselys paused, "now…we wait."

"Well, in that case," Tolin turned to the barkeep, "Malfus, I'd like to start a tab."

Malfus looked over to Saris, who seemed to have sobered a bit at this, most recent, turn of events.

"Tell you what, I'm feeling a bit generous," Tolin continued, "you can put the whole gang on my tab, ok?"

"You got it, boss," Malfus replied and threw a wink towards Saris.

Everyone pulled up a chair around the table. Ornrik, of all people, broke the silence. "So…anyone got a deck of cards?"

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