Chapter 6 - I love it when a plan comes together!

"No, I'm telling you, three of a kind beats two pair! It's a simple matter of probability!" Ornrik was growing weary of explaining the rules to a drunken Saris.

"But I've got two high pair and you've just got that low three of a kind!" Saris still wasn't getting it. "I don't see how that wins."

"Let me try to put it to you in a way you can understand," Ornrik furrowed his brow a bit. "It's as if you were fighting goblins and orcs. If you were to slay two goblins and then two orcs, and then I were to slay three kobolds, would I not have the harder time facing off against three things at once?"

Saris was quick to retort. "Well, of course you would have a harder time facing off against them, but that's because of my great prowess with the blade! Of course it's easier for me to slay the foul beasts than for you to do it! I am Saris! I really don't see how-"

Saris was cut off by the opening of the door and Thengar came forward.

"Thank Acerion you're here!" Viselys's sense of relief was apparent to all. "I don't know that I could've handled any more of their bickering, too."

"I did the best I could, sir." Thengar produced the two keys. They looked and felt identical.

Ornrik muttered a few arcane words and gestured. "Without detecting the magic I don't believe that I could have told one from the other. Well done, Thengar."

Viselys retrieved a sack of coin for Thengar. "Here you go, Thengar. We greatly appreciate your assistance. I put a little extra in there for you. May you be blessed!"

"Good luck in your quest!" Thengar received the payment and retreated from The Last Coconut.

"Well, you all know what needs to be done. Let us get to it!" Viselys's command rung in everyone's ears as the severity of the situation finally set in.

"Alright!" Amella's voice turned authoritative as she slowly got up from her chair, leaning on it's arm heavily. "Let's get moving!"

"Yeah, uh…" Saris wasn't quite as familiar with this whole "captain" thing yet. "What she said!"

The party began to file out of The Last Coconut with Viselys and Ornrik being the last two out.

Ornrik began to speak. "I don't know that this is going to-"

"Just do what you can, Ornrik." Visely cut him off and tried to reassure him. "If the Gods can work through you," Viselys paused for a moment, "you may be able to save him."

Ornrik nodded and they parted ways.

"Yeah…if." Ornrik muttered to himself and hurried along to join the rest of his group, growing more and more concerned about the reoccurring dream he had been having.

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