Corwyn Drinks

See also our House Rules regarding Alcohol and Drinking

Gelifein Pale
A wine fermented by merfolk using a unique type of seaweed. The wine’s texture is murky and green, and its taste is quite heavy.
Many surface folk liken it to drinking grass.
Those who become Drunk or worse gain a swim speed equal to their normal speed until they sober up.
Glass, 1 gp, DC 15

Alwyr Red
A sweet elven desert wine, brewed by a reclusive clan of elves. It tastes strongly of cherries.
Glass, 1 gp, DC 18

Fyana Flight
An eladrin beer, light and easy to drink in large quantities. Those unused to drinking it find its taste very dry.
Those of the natural origin who become Drunk or worse develop an at-will power to teleport 2 squares as a minor action until they sober up.
Flagon, 2 gp, DC 15

Ginglebarney Walnut Stout
A thick, dark beer flavoured by walnuts. It is produced by the Ginglebarney Brewery, headed by a clan of gnomes known for their ability to drink copious amounts of alcoholic beverages.
Unfortunately, once Drunk, the drinker becomes invisible until he attacks or until he sobers up (whichever comes first).
Mug, 1 gp, DC 14

Goblin Ichor Wine
Made by tribes of goblins who live in the Howling Caves to the north. The wine’s unique taste is created by fermenting a breed of underground grape with the poisonous ichor of a giant centipede. Those who become Drunk or worse are afflicted with tunnelvision, giving them a -2 penalty to all defenses but a +2 bonus to ranged attack rolls.
Glass, 10 gp, DC 14

Ursahk’s Dark Wine
The first foray of the famed half-orc brewer Ursahk into the creation of wines. While his ale is known to be among the world’s best, the taste of this wine is not considered a success by any race except, strangely, the elves.
Wineskin, 3 gp, DC 22

Rumblekin Mead
The product of the Rumblekin halfling clan. The honey for their mead is gathered from the hives of specially trained giant bees, and is known to have a strong and heady taste.
Mug, 1 gp, DC 12

Dwarven Peat Beer
So named for its thick consistency and dark taste, is one of the most potent beers known to man. While not as strong as the famed Dwarf Spirits (see below), Peat Beer has a small contingent of devotees who have come to appreciate its earthy taste. Those who become Drunk or worse reduce all forced movement
effects on them by 1 square until they sober up.
Mug, 1 gp, DC 18

Orcish Ale
Stout A thick, murky drink, bitter in the extreme. However, those who are Drunk or worse gain darkvison until they sober up.
Mug, 3 gp, DC 20

Dwarf Spirits
A drink famous on hundreds of worlds for its strength, Dwarf Spirits are, perhaps, the strongest drink around. One drink has been known to knock a man out, and dwarves pride themselves on their superior constitution and ability to drink these spirits.
Small Glass, 3gp, DC 22

Faerie Dark
It is rumored that this sweet liquor is brewed by dark elves. While this is probably not true, it does have a strange side effect. Those who become Drunk or worse on this drink find themselves illuminated (as though by faerie fire) until they sober up, suffering a -2 penalty to all defences and a -5 penalty to Stealth checks.
Small Glass, 12 gp, DC 26

Hospitaler’s Mead
A strange drink of average strength and herbal taste. This light mead has the effect of healing 1 hp of damage for every shot drunk.
Mug, 2 gp, DC 15

Serpent’s Tongue
A nasty tasting spirit, this drink is poisonous to all except goblinoids (which accounts for its popularity in human bars).
Each shot drunk does 5 points of poison damage to the drinker.
Small Glass, 5 gp, DC 26

Demon Ichor
Only served on the 6th level of Hell, this is a potent beverage indeed. Combining the strongest spirits in all the planes with the acidic blood of demonkind, with no small amount of enchantment thrown in, even a seasoned dwarf would think twice about drinking it!
Each shot causes 10 points of acid damage to the drinker, and those who become Drunk or worse gain Resist 10 Fire until they sober up.
Mug, 80 gp, DC 30

Small Ale
A common drink found in most inns and taverns, small ale is cheap and plentiful.
Flagon, 1 gp, DC 12

Phoenix Down
Small Glass, 3 gp, DC 16

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