Cudgel District
Cudgel District Locations
1: Cudgel Lighthouse
2: Streetsweeper’s Guildhall
3: Carpenter’s Guildhall
4: Tentooth’s Taphouse (tavern)
5: Enad’s Trickery (curio shop)
6: The Barrelhouse (tavern)
7: Low Market (general goods)
8: Fast Vera’s (tavern)
9: Welcome Home (home sales)
10: Bent Bertha’s (tavern)
11: Little Sunrises (magical light sources)
12: Cudgel Garrison Adjunct
13: The Thrice-Born Phoenix (inn)
14: Church of the Whirling Fury
15: The Silverlode (tavern)
16: Building By Design (construction)
17: Eva’s Boat Rentals
18: Tharvel’s Hides (fine hides and leather goods)
19: The Legless Stork (tavern)
20: Marshwarden’s Hall (guides for local marshes)
21: Three Thin Cats (general goods)
22: Black Crab (brewery)
23: The Painted Hare (tavern)
24: The Sacred Hound (dog trainers)
25: Shrine of Lehr (god of stone)
26: Shrine of Garl Glittergold
27: Ratcatcher’s Guildhall
28: Cudgel Garrison Adjunct
29: Stonemason’s Guildhall
30: The Whispering Anvil (tavern/inn)
31: Shrine of Moradin
32: Temple of Atanavar (district church)
33: Gondola Waystation
34: Fishfood (tavern)
35: Delthar’s Protections (fine weaponry)
36: Selder’s Tales (cheap novels)
37: Chimneysweep’s Guildhall
38: Purifier’s Guildhall (water tower maintenance)
39: The Rasp (tavern)
40: The Unexpected Monkey (tavern)
41: West Market (general goods, lumber, livestock)
42: Sesker’s Whiskers (brewery)
43: Cudgel Garrison Adjunct
44: Stirge in the Stew (tavern)
45: The Burning Dragon (inn)
46: Gondola Waystation
47: Cudgel District Hall of Records
48: Taskerhill Manor (district representative)
49: Cudgel Garrison
50: Laughing Shark (brewery)
51: Crab Pond Ale (brewery)
52: Hathgak’s (general goods)
53: Shrine of Yondalla
54: House of Violets (monastery)
55: Gilvery’s Goods (general goods)
56: Lumberjacker Ale (brewery)
57: Emerald Journeys (guides for the Amedio Jungle)
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