Demogorgon's Bilious Sphere

Price (Item Level): Major Artifact
Body Slot -(Held)
Caster Level: 20th
Aura: Strong: (DC 25) abjuration, conjuration, enchantment, evocation
Activation: See below
Weight: 5 lb.

This twisted iron rod is topped by the Bilious Sphere, an obscene parody of the Orb of Sol. Any good creature that wields this major artifact gains one negative level that persists as long as the rod is held; this negative level never results in actual loss, and cannot be overcome in any way while the rod is held.

Demogorgon’s Bilious Sphere has the following powers:

  • It functions as a +5 heavy mace that deals an additional +1d6 points of acid damage on a hit. Five times a day as a free action, the wielder may increase the acid damage done on a single hit to +3d6.
  • It can be used to cast stinking cloud five times per day.
  • It can be used to cast acid fog three times per day.
  • Three times per day it can create three spheres of acid. These spheres function as flame sphere, save that they glow green and inflicted acid damage. All three spheres can be moved individually with a single move action.
  • Once per day, it can be used to create a feeling of intense hatred in a creature within 60 feet. The target can resist this effect with a DC 23 Will save, otherwise it views another creature within sight (chosen by the rod’s user) as its most hated enemy. The target must do everything in its power to slay its enemy. This effect persists until the enemy is dead or 24 hours pass; it may be dispelled as if it were dominate monster.
  • A creature whom Demogorgon favors can, as a free action, gain the following benefits once per day: immunity to acid, 4d12 temporary hit points, a +6 enchantment bonus to Strength or DR 15/cold iron and good.
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