DM's Notes

I remember leaving Tolin behind to recruit and help train with …I can't remember his name, the militia lead guy.
Limanae is with Viselys to rescue Zan and then waiting for Viselys to return from Temple of Jaguar.( Remember she put up the stink to want to come with me. We role-played that out.)
Ornrick was supposed to be helping back at Farshore with apothecary, hospital prep, Lavinia campaign. I was really thinking he would be our eyes and ears so when we are back he can fill us in on the recent news. Besides he is skilled in magic and can help in any way needed that would cut time from any preperation that would be more complicated with just man power.
I think that makes all the Jade ravens accounted for and all party memeber accounted for too.
Oh, also the hebalist, druid, olman linguist gnome was helping with the herbologist to prep for battle too. Collect herbs and prep medicines and that sort of thing. Gosh I am spacing on his name too.
-Francois 8/19

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