Viselys' Dream

Note: This is the text as presented to the player of Viselys.

It’s another dream. You know it. You are beginning to really have an firm grasp on the distinctions between the dreaming and waking world – and you’re not sure if that’s good or bad.

This dream is different, though. The dreams you had had in Forgmire were evil-born. This one … isn’t. You don’t know how you know this, you just do. It’s important – you know that, also – but there is a sort of calm about it that comes, not from some unnatural soothing, but simply from a lack of a sense of danger.

You see a giant winged snake … why doesn’t that worry you? It’s actually quite beautiful. The winged snake is flying above a mountain range. It is graceful and elegant but … something. It’s not hunting, it’s not angry … it’s … sad. No, not just sad – grieved almost to the point of despair.

Now you’re walking through the jungle. You are looking for someone, but not urgently. It is curiosity that draws you, not a sense of urgency. As you turn a curve in path, you almost bump into … someone. You know him, but you don’t know him, in that way that can only be in dreams. It’s your father! No, it’s Kalmadar Taskerhill. Wait, no, that’s not right, either. It’s the legendary swashbuckler, The Scarlet Rose, who fought for justice after the Cataclysm. It’s so odd, you know this person … but you don’t.

“Be at ease, Viselys Mortaum. Remember, this is just a dream, and I am not really here,” he tells you, placing his hand on your shoulder in a reassuring gesture. “I have waited a very long time for you and I believe it is your destiny to seek me out. I believe you are the tepozihiyotl foretold of in the cezazanilli.” Again, in the way only possible in dreams, somehow you know what these strange words mean. Tepozihiyotl (pronounced tay-po-zee-hee-yo-tl) means the same thing as kensei - “Sword Spirit”. Cezazanilli (say-zah-zah-neel-lee) is a little more difficult – it means literally “One Story,” but that means nothing to you.

He holds up his hand to stave off your questions, “These things are not important right now and not why I have come to you. I am here to tell you that you are about to experience the greatest trial of your life up to this point. Your entire future and who you will become depends on one choice that you will soon be forced to make. I cannot spare you the grief you must endure no mater how you choose, nor can I influence you in any way. I can only tell you this: Courage is going from failure to failure without losing determination, and action is the antidote to despair.”

You awaken easy, not with a start. You feel well rested, but you also suspect that something terrible lies ahead.

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