Duxsil's Jaunt To Sasserine

It was midday in Sasserine - a fact that Duxsil had no way of knowing having spent so much time underground. That was good because most of the town was up and about and business was being transacted. On the down side, he was far more familiar with the harbor of the Shadowshore District than he was with the Noble District. As a result, he could see the Witchwarden Tower on the other side of the inlet approximately 1000 feet away. Next trip he wouldn't have this problem, but right now he had to hop a boat like any other mundane person.

When he arrived at the tower, he was greeted by girl in the robes of a student, "Greetings and welcome to the Witchwarden. How may I assist you today?" The words seemed pretty rehearsed, as though by recitation. Duxsil figured she was probably obliged to do a rotation of service and wasn't really fired up about it.

"Sure you can, hon," Duxsil replied, "I'm looking for someone who would be interested in some rare, magical artifacts."

The girl clearly bristled, "I am Tristan Lidu, eldest daughter of Walkeen Lidu. I am not 'hon.l"

A male voice interjected from somewhere behind her, "Miss Lidu, within these walls, you are initiate - your place in a Sasserine noble house is irrelevant. As such, you will practice a degree humility when dealing with the public. Is that understood?"

The girl's brow furrowed, "Yes, Magister," and she turned and left.

"I'm sorry," he said to Duxsil, "Children."

"They are the future," Duxsil said dryly.

"Indeed," he acquiesced. "So what can I do for you?"

Duxsil poured out the contents of his pouch the three gems which he new to be two psionic crystal capacitors worth about 81,000 gp, and a minor crystal worth about 375 gp. The Magister pulled out a monocle, that looked very similar to the one Duxsil had, and examined the gems for a few minutes. "Do you know what you have here?"

Duxsil grinned, "Psionic crystals. I'm thinking that they could bring in about 81 and a half thousand to the right buyer."

"And that buyer wouldn't be me. First off, I couldn't pay market value and expect to ever make a profit. Secondly, I just don't have access to that kind of coin. Finally, as I'm sure you can guess, there just isn't a lot of psionisists around who might be interested in them."

"Fair enough," Duxsil said, "But I have come an awfully long way to liquidate these. The Isle of Dread, to be specific."

This got a reaction, "That is a long way. That's … what? A month by boat?"

"Don't know," he replied, "I didn't come by boat. I was just there less than hour ago." Technically, it was about two hours ago, and he did take a brief boat ride, but Duxsil saw no sense going into that much detail.

This also impressed the magister, "Teleportation. You are a seasoned wizard, and an adventurer, I gather, which is how we obtain most of our rarer artifacts. All right, we should be able to do some kind of business. Perhaps you would be interested in trading for some items that would be more useful to you? Perhaps some other items that we don't have much call for here at the Witchwardens?"

After about an hour and a half of inquiries, browsing and haggling, Duxsil had a pretty sweet deal going. In exchange for the crystals, plus some additional gold, he was able to obtain a pair of Bracers of Armor +7, a ''Cloak of Resistance +5, a //Crystal Mask of Mind Armor, 11 Potions of Cure Serious Wounds, two scrolls of Teleportation, and a Bag of Holding to carry it all in.

He then strolled from the Witchwardens Tower one street over to the High Market where he purchased 2 fresh loaves of bread, a ham, two bottles of fine wine and a flask of whiskey.

With all his business transacted, he used one of his Teleportation scrolls to return to Golismorga far beneath the Isle of Dread.

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