The Fire Trolls

JONAS TREMOR* (Male human barbarian )

DARMAINE TREMOR* (Male elf rogue)

SIMON TREMOR* (Male human sorcerer)

INFERNO (small fire elemental)

KRUSSK DARKSPITTLE (Male half-orc ranger)

NARFOUL MERIDINE (Male human cleric)

*"Just little tribute to the 'Tremor Brothers' from that awful movie, Smokin' Aces. Part of the inspiration for the Fire Trolls band of mercs." - Rob (tracerbullet42), creator of The Fire Trolls

One presumes there must be a story behind how two humans, one a sorcerer and the other a barbarian, and an elf (not even half-elf) rogue are related. Since the party killed them all, though, not much chance of finding out now, I guess.

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