Iron Flask Of Tuerny

Price (Item Level): Major Artifact
Body Slot -(Held)
Caster Level: 25th
Aura: Overwhelming conjuration (chaos and evil)
Activation: See below
Weight: 1 lb.

This artifact was crafted ages ago by the wizard-tyrant Tuerny, who promptly used the flask to capture an aspect of Graz'zt and forced him to avage the armies and holdings of Tuerny's enemies. During one battle, the aspect turned the tables and captured Tuerny in the flask. After returning to the Abyss, he transformed Tuerny into a dretch as a slave. In time, Tuerny gained power by successfully leading the demonic forces in teh Blood War, and became a nalfeshnee demon. Miraculously, Tuerny maintained his personality and wizardly skills throughout this evolution, but during the time he lost track of his Iron Flask. The artifact became the blueprint for countless lesser versions, but the original remains the most potent of them all.

The Iron Flask Of Tuerny the Merciless has the following powers:

  • It functions as a normal iron flask, except that it can only capture and command demons
  • A targeted demon can resist being captured by making a DC 26 Will save.
  • It can hold up to 100 demons at a time.
  • The wielder can command one trapped demon within to come forth to serve him for 1 hour per day; he may command demons within the flask in this manner no more than 3 times per day.
  • If the flask is opened without commanding onf of the demons, 1d6 of them escpae each round to assult and savage the flask's holder, squabbling over its control.
  • The flask can also be used to contain a single aspect of a demon lord, although to do so, it must first be emptied - a single demon lord aspect (regardless of the aspects actual power) counts as all 100 demons the flask could normally store. The flask is particularly potent at capturing aspects - this was its original intent, after all. An aspect suffers a -10 penalty on the Will save to avoid being entrapped by the flask.
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