Lex Dura

Lex grew up orphaned on the streets of the Shadowshore District in Sasserine. He was more a stickler for the law than most urchins, often aggressively engaging other kids he caught stealing and otherwise breaking the law. This came to the notice of a local monastery who took him in.

He dug their sense of truth and order, but not their sequestered lifestyle, so he went off on his own after a while. The street never really left him, nor he it. He feels it underneath his skin that he's still a boy trying to work hard enough to earn a meal and a place to stay. No matter what magical accoutrements he obtained, it's all just to help him do a little more to restore order to the world. He found a gig in private security for a while, but too often they had him look the other way. From his experience, the local police were no better. So as soon as he could afford it, he went out on his own again: this time as a private detective.

Not generally a sneaky individual, Lex tends to be direct, and he can usually spot a lie a mile away. A good hand to hand combatant, he can't take too much punishment, but on a good day he avoids taking a hit altogether. Of course there aren't as many good days as he'd like. His name is certainly known in the right circles in Sasserine, and a few others across the land, but not over much. The irony of private detection is that the more important the case, the more discreet it tends to be. But he'd call that a perk. The Distracted Badger Caper gave him much more regional renown than he cared for. Attention from the wrong sorts of folks has driven him to pick up cases that take him farther and farther from Sasserine, and he's been surprised to find he doesn't really miss it.


Male Human Monk 14
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Init +4; Senses Listen 23, Spot 13
Languages Common, Ralani

AC 28, touch 24, Flat-footed 24;
hp 87
Fort 14, Ref 17, Will 19

Spd 70 ft.
Melee Unarmed +16/16/16/11 (2d6+5/19-20)
Ranged MW Crossbow +15 (1d8/x2)
Base Atk +10/+5 Grp +15
Combat Gear

Abilities Str 20, Dex 18, Con 12, lnt 12, Wis 22, Cha 8
Feats Combat reflexes, stunning fist, improved disarm, weapon focus & improved crit. (unarmed), blind-fight, power attack, roundhouse kick, flying kick
Skills Climb +10, Diplomacy +18, Escape artist +10, Jump +28, Knowl(Arc) +2, Listen +23, Open lock +5, Profession (detective) +12, Sense Motive +23, Spot +13, Tumble +23
Possessions Two powerful fists(!!!), Bracers of Armor +4, Cloak of Resistance +4, Gloves of Dexterity +4, Belt of Strength +4, Diadem of Wisdom +4, +2 Deflection Ring, Fedora of Comprehend Languages, Ring of Water Walking, a few non-magical light crossbows and random adventuring gear in a Handy Haversack

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