Our Savage Tide with Fire Trolls Adventure Path is set in campaign world created by Chris and co-developed by the rest of us through our ideas and gaming. This link connects to a wiki that is slowly being put together as a reference for that custom setting - VERY slowly. However, occasionally we will make references to the world outside the STAP, and we may even link to information on the Corwyn Wiki. Truth be told,. there is a more complete version of this on another wiki domain, but they turned out to be a horrible virus portal with a horrendous support group (NO support would have been an improvement). Corwyn is worth the effort, though, so please be patient with this work in progress.



The Savage Tide Adventure Path in Dungeon Magazine - Back Issues from Paizo

Savage Tide Adventure Path discussions at the Paizo Discussions Boards

Savage Tide Player's Guide

Savage Tidings

Rob (Tracerbullet42), the DM who started this campaign, came back for guest appearances, created the PCs (now NPCs) of Malfus and Ken-Ji, has restarted the Savage Tide Adventure Path with an new group and using the Pathfinder rules set. They are significantly behind us in the story, so if you want to check out their blog and see how things might have been, you needn't worry about spoilers.

Spreadsheet version of Malfus Fairwind Character Sheet

  • That spreadsheet tool is available for download from HeroForge. It is available in both 3.5 and 4th Edition, and there is also a separate SpellForge tool for keeping track of magic.

The blog of our editor, Veronica Monique, a professional writer and editor:



What the FRAK is a Fire Troll??

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