Map Of Azure District
Azure District Locations
1: Islaran Manor (district representative)
2: Best Bait and Deserts (bait and bakery)
3: Dredger’s Guildhall
4: Nate’s Nets (nets, fine fishing equipment)
5: The Empty Grave (tavern)
6: The Bloodthirsty Pelican (tavern/inn)
7: Kellani Manor (minor noble)
8: Bizwor’s Balms (medicine and seasickness cures)
9: Pearldiver’s Guildhall
10: The Gull’s Nest (brothel)
11: Ropemaker’s Guildhall
12: Azure Garrison
13: East Market (general goods, seafood, animals)
14: The Mermaid’s Secret (brothel)
15: Whaleworks (fine scrimshaw art)
16: Azure Cathedral (district church)
17: The Sasserine Sleigh Ride (tavern/brothel)
18: Finback Whaling
19: Inker’s Guildhall (tattoo artists)
20: Sasserine Whaling
21: The Drunken Dolphin (whaler tavern)
22: Whaler’s Guildhall
23: Red Sea Whaling
24: Fishmonger’s Guildhall
25: Azure Lighthouse
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