Merchant District

Merchant District Locations
1: The Ticklish Ogre (tavern)
2: Fenter’s Place (inn)
3: Locksmith’s Guildhall
4: The Dancing Monkey (curio shop)
5: The Metal-Skinned Dwarf (fine armor)
6: Seeker Lodge
7: Fishback Market (general goods, seafood, trinkets, jewelry)
8: Gondola Waystation
9: Viltashel’s Favors (moneylender)
10: Baker’s Guildhall
11: Temple of Ethenghar (district church)
12: Harbor Market (general goods, imported goods, minor magic, food, entertainment)
13: Candlemaker’s Guildhall
14: Marketplace Hall
15: Jeweler’s Guildhall
16: Glassblower’s Guildhall
17: Gemcutter’s Guildhall
18: Shrine of Zilchus (god of money and business)
19: Merchant’s Guildhall
20: Gondola Waystation
21: The Drunk Bear (tavern/mead shop)
22: Weaver’s Guildhall
23: Glittermane’s Vault (magic shop)
24: Shrine of Celestian (god of the stars and wanderers)
25: Gregair’s Place (tavern/gaming hall)
26: Cobbler’s Guildhall
27: Corner Groceries (general goods)
28: Gondola Waystation
29: Shrine of Myrival (goddess of water)
30: Spicemerchant’s Guildhall
31: Tavernkeeper’s Guildhall
32: Shrine of Berevrom (god of truth)
33: Basketweaver’s Guildhall
34: Orimander’s Emporium of the Soul (magic shop/bookshop)
35: Tailor’s Guildhall
36: Telvanta Academy (prestigious dance school)
37: Shrine of Knorr (god of misfortune and ill luck)
38: Costumes and Fantasies (exotic clothing/costumes)
39: Scrivener’s Guildhall (scribes)
40: Venton’s (sage—Knowledge [local])
41: Leatherworker’s Guildhall
42: Smith’s Guildhall
43: Sasserine Tours (guides to the city)
44: Shrine of Bleredd (god of metal and smiths)
45: Cooper’s Guildhall
46: The Singing Rose (perfumes and oils)
47: Barber’s Guildhall
48: Alchemist’s Guildhall
49: Butcher’s Guildhall
50: Scavenger’s Guildhall (finders of lost objects)
51: Gondola Waystation
52: Teamster’s Guildhall
53: The Painted Vixen (brothel)
54: Wheelwright’s Guildhall
55: The Rusty Pirate (tavern)
56: Launderer’s Guildhall
57: Tanner’s Guildhall
58: Shrine of Dalt (god of doors, locks, and keys)
59: The Bent Goblin (inn)
60: The Upwards House (sage—Knowledge [architecture and engineering])
61: Rooftop Solutions (messenger service)
62: The Warden’s Vault (moneylender)
63: Fifteen Horses and a Mule (tavern)
64: Cages of Plenty (exotic pets)
65: Merchant’s Garrison
66: Innkeeper’s Guildhall
67: Riverman’s Guildhall (gondola service)
68: The Crimson Genie (brothel)
69: Heinvar’s Baths (bathhouse)
70: Arabani Manor (district representative)
71: Krexin Imports (exotic imports)
72: The Strumpet’s Excuse (inn)
73: Coins From Above (moneylender)
74: The Minx Market (brothel)
75: Domaskio’s Consortium (puppets and toys)
76: Featherwhisper’s (bathhouse)
77: Barrister’s Guildhall
78: The Inner Labyrinth (occult books)
79: Vanderboren Manor (minor noble)
80: Gondola Waystation

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