Lavinia's Diary: The True Story

Lavinia's diary is not, to my knowledge, mentioned in official Savage Tide material. It took some time and effort on my part, but I wrote it for several reasons.

First, there are a few things that are mentioned in dialogue early in the game that are easy glossed over that I had hoped to give more attention to. Lavinia's relationship with her brother is a cornerstone of the story, and after the party leaves Sasserine, Vanthus isn't specifically referred to again for a very long time.

I felt there was a lot of history that was implied but not shown. That kind of subtly works fine in a movie or TV show, but can be almost impossible to pick up in an RPG when many months can separate the time when some information might be relevant and the utterance of something that wasn’t important at the time and was probably forgotten as soon as it was said.

Plus, I wanted the characters to know Lavinia. Who is she and why is she the woman she is? She is a wealthy woman who has lived a life of privilege. Why isn’t she more haughty? Why would she be willing to work closely with thieves and thugs with no social rank, let alone befriend them?

These were just some of the things I wanted to show the players with this diary.

Oh, and the first line? That's just to grab your attention. Plus, it shows what a drama queen she was as a girl.

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