Lavinia's Diary; Sibling Reunion

Here we make the transition back from the Facts of Life to the Savage Tide. As Lavinia’s diary is told only from her point of view, we don’t know any more about Vanthus’ past 5 years than she does. However, we can glean some hints from what she has to say. Everything she says about Vanthus is either directly from the STAP or directly inferred by it.

Shortly after completing this diary, I began watching the HBO series Six Feet Under. Since I had already finished the diary, this show had no impact on it. However, I was taken with the similarities between Lavinia and Vanthus and Brenda and Billy. I haven’t bothered to look into the dates of airing of that show and the printing dates of the STAP, so I don’t know if the writers were influenced at all. I just thought it was interesting.

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