Lavinia's Diary; The Invitations

At this point we begin to see how Lavinia came to invite the respective PCs to her home and, thus, form the party. Clearly this is specific to our group, but I felt it was necessary. I never liked the mysterious invitation method of jumpstarting the STAP. It had the feel of the stereotypical “You all meet for the first time in a tavern…” motif. That would be fine for most adventures, but not for such an intricate and well thought out story. In this way I hoped to show the players that their characters weren’t chosen arbitrarily and that there was lots of story that occurred before they came along waiting for them to uncover. This diary is just one method by which to do that.

Incidentally, as of this writing, the party has just completed the Dark Mountain Pass portion of Here There Be Monsters. One of the players expressed interest in some of the odd clues such as the statues that had been apparently attacked, the spear-impaled ribcage and so on. This prompted another player to ask if I knew what the story was behind what had happened here. I assured them that I did, and I revealed as much as I could through Urol, but the rest they would have to find out on their own. The spell caster is a long way away from being able to cast Legend Lore, but I am prepared just in case that ever comes up. Everything means something…

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