Spelling Is Correct

knod - (verb) [kƏ-nod']

1. move head in agreement
transitive and intransitive verb to raise the head quickly in order to show agreement or recognition or to give a signal, unlike a "nod" that involves lowering the head as well. A knod connotes greater attitude than a nod.

  • "'Sup?" he said with a knod as he entered the bar.

Years ago, I co-wrote a work of fiction entitled The Marvelous Misadventures of Fleetwood & Flatstone. Throughout the piece, both myself and the other author were befuddled by the fact that the spellchecker did not recoginze "knod." In frustration, we both added it to our dictionaries and continued. Somebody, I don't recall who, pointed out that we had misspelled "nod." Without missing a beat, my co-author informed the person that we had not meant "nod," we had meant "knod," and went on to explain it as per above. Thus, the term "knod" was born and I've used it in all my fiction projects ever since. -Troy

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