The Corwyn History of Sasserine

The City of Sasserine (population: 16,000) was founded a little over 700 years ago, during the terrible Ralani Civil War, known as the War of the Celadon. As rival Ralani nobles were slaughtering each other on mainland Corwyn, a small group of pilgrims led by a noble named Lord Viktor Teraknian, his wife, Lady Sasserine, and their children left Ralas forever in search of new lands and peace. Sasserine was a devout priestess of Nerydia; the Goddess of Magic. Her many followers included loyal pilgrims, who wanted nothing more than religious sanctuary. As a result, hundreds decided to engage in the long and arduous journey south and set sail along with the Teraknian family. For many weeks the small group of pilgrims sailed south across the Wyn Myr Ocean, past the beautiful Ak’Tai Islands and the dangerous Vilzari coast, until they finally reached the western coast of Avokhar. There they eventually found a small secluded inlet, which could only be seen faintly from the open sea, and behind it a small channel leading to a group of islands surrounded by the vast Sanjaara Jungle. This inlet was perfect for the pilgrims. It was well-hidden from the sea, protected from the elements, and made an ideal harbor and anchorage. The settlers had just arrived when their group was attacked by a black dragon named Zelkarune, who killed many of the pilgrims before being slain by Lord Teraknian. Viktor’s triumph was short lived when he realized his true love had been slain by the dragon as well. In homage, Viktor buried his love on Ancestor Island, and named the colony in her honor.
Over the next several centuries, the city was ruled by series of Lords who were Viktor’s descendants. During this time, the small colony became a city, experiencing rapid growth from trade by sea and inland. The city rulers ruled from Castle Teraknian that was also built by Viktor, and were always aided by clerics of Nerydia. In 1133/6, Lord Orren Teraknian ruled the city of Sasserine. Unfortunately for the people of the city, Orren was a despot. During his cruel reign, the temple of Nerydia was stripped of its power and many people were imprisoned or executed. Just as Orren’s rule became unbearable, a fleet of ships arrived from Narrow Isle, bearing representatives from the Sea-Lord of Tar Vielca, to the North. Promising an end to Orren’s cruelty, the invaders were aided in their assault on the city from within, as the citizens rose up in rebellion. Lord Orren was overthrown and the Sea-Lord of Tar Vielca claimed the city for his own. Over the following century, the city’s resources were savaged. The Sea-Lord of Tar Vielca kept Sasserine a secret from the rest of the world, hoping to hide the valuable port from invaders by destroying any references to it they could find. Spies infiltrated Cartographer’s Guilds, altering charts and sea maps; Ship Captains who knew of the inlet and the city beyond were bought off or even murdered. Sasserine suffered greatly in these 100 years, but the underlying spirit of her Ralani inhabitants did not die. Their prayers were answered in 1249/6, when the Kendarum assassinated the Sea-Lord of Tar-Vielca. The resulting turmoil threw Sasserine into chaos. Without the support of their homeland, the leaders of the city were overthrown within a fortnight and Castle Teraknian abandoned. In the ten years since their freedom, the people of Sasserine have rebuilt their city with astonishing success. The city was aided by an influx of money and help from the City-State of Kendar, the neighbor to the northeast. As the 8th year of the Seventh Age looms, Sasserine seems to have a bright new future.

Sasserine is unique on the continent of Avokhar, in that it has mostly olive-skinned Ralani from Corwyn among its population, but there are also copper-skinned Eloysians from Kendar and the surrounding Sanjaara Jungle, as well as black-skinned Vilzari from Vilzar and the Island-Realm of Nimbor.

Neighboring States:
The City-State of Kendar: (population: 76,000) Kendar is a small city-state that is located south of the realm of Vilzar in northern Avokhar, deep in the high mountains, far to the west of Al’ Nhoor. Because of its forbidding geography, and high fortress walls, the city has never fallen to any foe, neither Vilzari nor Eloysian. It is a wealthy city, making profit on the overland trade routes between Vilzar and the Sanjaara Jungle. The people of Kendar are known as the Kendarum, and their mercantile skills and craftsmanship are well known throughout Avokhar and southern Corwyn. The coat of arms of Kendar consists of a red dragon upon a black field, with a yellow crescent moon in the top left corner. The current ruler of Kendar is Padashah Zerzi Ocalo (LN 12th level aristocrat\9th level fighter\3rd level rogue)

Narrow Isle: (Qui’Alai Noritas) (population: 775,000) Located within the southern Wyn Myr Ocean, off the west coast of Avokhar, this enormous island is home to a large and thriving population. The capitol of Narrow Isle is the vast seaport of Tar Vielca. (population: 94,000) Once Narrow Isle was an important colony of the Eloysian Empire, but its civilization and culture was a hybrid of Vilzari, Ralani, and Eloysian cultures and traditions. The Tar Vielcans have always been a fierce and aggressive people. What they couldn’t build or create, they simply took from others. The City-State has long been associated with piracy, where it is not a crime but rather an honor to steal and pillage from others. Tar Vielcan pirates and raider ships are notorious in the sea lanes of the Sea of Ralas and the Wyn Myr. But the legendary seamanship of these copper-skinned pirates is just as famous. The ships of Tar Vielca are distinguishable by their black painted hulls and black sails, emblazoned with a large green metallic kraken. It is said that the Sea-Lord of Tar Vielca, has a force of over 250 raider vessels at his disposal, and an army of nearly 50,000 men under his command. The coat of arms of Narrow Isle consists of a green kraken on a black field. The current ruler of Narrow Isle is the “Sea-Lord” Shah Khofhar Sateri (CE 18th level rogue)

Nimbor: (population: 329,000) located deep within the Wyn Myr Ocean west of the coast of Vilzar, this chain of eleven islands is home to a great Vilzari civilization. The capitol of Nimbor is the city of Il’ Mathok (population: 39,000). The people of Nimbor long ago separated from their desert-dwelling kin on the mainland, and have formed a theocracy where a 99-member parliament made up of female priestesses, rule with compassion and justice. Most Nimbor1 folk are strongly religious and tend toward lives as priests and clerics, and they are also quite peaceful and friendly. The natives make a living selling their magic items, potions, elixirs and artwork, while importing gems, silk, grain, and spices. Nimbor’s coat of arms is a large silver crescent moon, and three silver stars on a purple field. The ships of Nimbor are distinguishable by their wonderfully carved female figures on the prows, graceful sleek hulls, which are painted a bright purple color, and topped with lavender silk sails.

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