The Story

The Savage Tide was the name of the catastrophe that befell the ancient Olman city of Thanaclan, and gave the Isle of Dread its infamous name. The Savage Tide was a plague of destruction and madness orchestrated by Demogorgon and his Kopru minions, and unleashed by one of the dreaded Shadow Pearls.

For generations, Thanaclan was a glorious and thriving Olman City-State, but the Olman of the city could not have known they had an unseen enemy. Long before the first Olman settlers landed here from the Saffron Isles, the Isle of Dread had been in the possession of the Kopru; an evil race of aquatic creatures. The Kopru themselves had once commanded a great empire, but by this date, that empire was in sharp decline. The Kopru had a reputation for three things; their great intelligence, their cruelty, and their absolute devotion to their deity; Demogorgon. Working with the Demon-Lord, the Kopru labored for decades in their plans to destroy the Olman trespassers. Kopru sorcerers and priests labored in dark subterranean lairs unfolding their vile plot; the creation of the largest black pearl the world had ever seen. This was no ordinary pearl, but rather,one of the dreaded Shadow Pearls. Spawned by a gigantic fiendish oyster, and imbued with Demogorgon's demonic powers, the pearl was both irresistibly beautiful and deadly. When the great black pearl was completed, The Kopru released the pearl in a place where they knew the Olman would find it. The trap was set.

Olman pearl fishers soon found the ebony prize and triumphantly brought it back to Thanaclan, where the pearl was ensconced on the altar of the high Olman temple, as a trophy from the Gods. But once in place, the curse of the pearl began, corrupting everything it came in contact with. Soon the Olman Gods turned their backs on Thanaclan. The effects the curse grew ever stronger, and the resulting calamities grew. Terrible storms battered the island, crops failed, wild beats began rampaging the city, and a eerie fog descended upon Thanaclan. Soon the very ground beneath the city began to shake violently. In a panic, the Olman priests tried to use magic to cast the pearl into another dimension. But this final enchantment only sealed their doom. The pearl opened and an oily, green mist poured forth, engulfing the entire city. Soon after, a great explosion rocked the central plateau of the island, opening up a gateway between worlds. In a rush of filthy water, the entire city of Thanaclan was consumed by the Abyssal domain of Demogorgon. The entire region was saturated by this dark force, and those Olman not immediately killed were driven completely mad with "Savage Fever". This fever infected all of the Olman, who soon succumbed into a violent, homicidal rage that consumed their entire population on the island.

Now, after thousands of years, the true masters of the Isle of Dread look upon new targets, new cities beyond the horizon, compelled by the hateful will of their demonic lord Demogorgon to prepare for the coming glory. this time, the doom will not be limited to one hapless city. This time, all of civilization waits unknowing, blissfully ignorant of what the incoming tide brings in.

Our story begins in the small coastal city of Sasserine, located in the Rockdale region of Avokhar; home of the vast Sanjaara Jungle….

Book 1 - There Is No Honor

Book 2 - The Bullywug Gambit

Book 3 - The Sea Wyvern's Wake

Book 4 - Here There Be Monsters

Book 5 - Tides of Dread

Book 6 - The Lightless Depths

Book 7 - The City of Broken Idols

Book 8 - Serpents of Scuttlecove

Book 9 - Into the Maw

Book 10 - Wells of Darkness

Book 11 - Enemies of My Enemy

Book 12 - Prince of Demons

The Lord Of The Savage Tide



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