Lavinia's Diary: The Inspiration

Everything up to this point has been revealed in dialogue in the game – the prank, being separated from Vanthus, and being sent to the Thenalar Academy. We know Lavina spent 5 years there, but we don’t know, really, what happened there. Technically, it’s not important. She was educated in the things noble girls are educated in and she had no contact with her brother.

However, I wanted to give a synopsis of that 5 year period. Of course, I didn’t want to write out the ENTIRE 5 year diary, so it appears in little snapshots.

Now, the inspiration. What do I know about a teenage girl coming of age in a private school? Yeah, pretty much nothing, and left to my own imagination, this could get really … not PG … really quick. So I went with the first thing that popped into my mind when someone of our age thinks about a private school for girls? Well, okay the second thing, after the Roger Corman-esque B-films.

The Facts of Life. Just about everything from this point on is a reference to that show – the characters, the events, just about everything. As a frame of reference, Lavinia takes the roll of Blair Warner.

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