Lavinia's Diary: "Urchin from the Shadowshore..."

Tough street kid Jo Polniaczek. Again, how could a “tough street kid” get into, and afford, a private school? Anyway, as in The Facts of life, this character starts out having an adversarial relationship with Blair/Lavinia, but in time they become good friends. Indeed, this friendship becomes the basis for Lavina’s relaxing of class preconceptions, and possibly her affinity for another character from Shadowshore. The Jo Polniaczek inspired character’s death helps set the stage for The Savage Tide and the tragedies Lavina is about to face, but it is also an indirect reference to a statement Nancy McKeon had made regarding The Facts of Life Reunion: "I suggested that Jo be dead and that everybody come to her funeral and we do something like The Big Chill.”

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